'Ergonomic': Photo Of Bengaluru Auto Driver Driving With Office Chair Goes Viral

“Bro has an ultra-realistic driving setup,” said a person.

In yet another ‘peak Bengaluru’ moment, an auto driver has gone viral on social media after a photo of him sitting on an office chair while driving the three-wheeler was shared online. It was shared by user Anuj Bansal on X, formerly known as Twitter. The chair is also used by gamers or editors who spend long hours in front of a computer screen.

“Why should techbros have all the fun?” he captioned the post on the social media platform. Since being shared, the post has amassed 1.9 lakh views and around three thousand likes.

“Good lumbar support,” said a user.

“Gaming chair! Must be a serious gamer before,” added another person.

A third person added, “Lower back health matters to everyone.”

“Ergonomic setup prevents occupational hazards…” commented an X user.

A fifth person remarked, “peak Bengaluru moment”.

“Bro has an ultra-realistic driving setup,” said a person.

“Ergonomic auto,” commented another user.

Meanwhile, this incident just adds to the list of unique encounters that people have had in Bengaluru. About a month ago, a woman shared her peak Bengaluru moment. Taking to X, she narrated her encounter with an auto driver who gave her an ultimatum about waiting time.

Apparently, the woman booked the ride through Uber but couldn’t reach the pick-up location on time. The auto driver reached out to her through the messaging service of the application. He pinged, “I’ve arrived.” The driver nudged again, “I’ve arrived.” When the customer failed to connect, the driver wrote, “Time is over.”

This hilarious incident prompted a barrage of hilarious reactions on the internet.

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Post source: Ndtvnews

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