Pokémon Go bugs, such as the broken Showcase feature, will be fixed, according to Niantic’s pledge


Despite Niantic’s successful rollout of the eagerly anticipated PokéStop Showcase feature in Pokémon Go, community outrage over several game-breaking bugs that negatively impact gameplay has drowned out Niantic’s accomplishment. Despite the company’s assurances that these problems will be fixed in the upcoming update, devoted users have continued to voice their complaints on social media.

Players are allegedly able to display their favorite Pokémon with unique traits at PokéStops that are taking part in the new PokéStop Showcases. These Showcases provide nice rewards for the winners, whether the competition is to find the biggest or smallest Pokémon within a species. To compare your Pokémon to those of other players, all you need to do is enter one that adheres to the Showcase’s theme.

Pokémon Go bugs, such as the broken Showcase feature, will be fixed, according to Niantic’s pledge:

Players have, however, already encountered a few problems with this new feature. The Pokémon that have already been entered into the Showcases by players who have reached the three-contest cap cannot be changed. Even worse, no Showcases are being discovered by other players.

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The switching problem, according to Niantic, should be resolved in the upcoming update, and Showcases are anticipated to return on July 9. Other players are running across strange clusters of Pokémon overlapping on the map outside of the buggy Showcases. One player claims that most of the Pokémon in the cluster are not attainable. Additionally, Niantic has promised to fix this issue in the upcoming update.

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Players are still not happy, even though the company continues to acknowledge and be open about these bugs. The game’s bugs have caused several separate incidents, and Niantic has frustratingly handled each of them. Players were pleasantly surprised by a bug that increased the Pokémon spawn radius back in June 2023, but Niantic quickly fixed the unintended feature.

Players, meanwhile, are skeptical that the company is moving quickly to fix these more recent bugs that degrade their gaming experience. On a Reddit thread from July 8, a player wrote, “They rushed to fix the beneficial bug the first time, but are casually taking their time to fix this bug that is not beneficial and annoying.”


Others think that removing a well-known quick catch exploit might be the answer, but that would be the tipping point for players who aren’t happy. One player’s experience was summed up by the statement, “I feel more like a customer than a player.”

Players are becoming increasingly irritated with the company’s response to the problems as well as how often new bugs appear. We can all hopefully resume enjoying Pokémon Go as it was intended once the upcoming update fixes these problems.

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