The stage is set for a busy weather period across Colorado, especially along and east of the Continental Divide. The wet weather has pretty much taken all of Colorado out of drought conditions and Denver will end up having the fourth wettest May on record.

The soil over eastern Colorado is very moist and that is a good thing as we have have such a long problem with drought conditions. That wet soil also makes it much more likely the showers and thunderstorms will develop as there is plenty of moisture to evaporate out of the ground and condense into clouds and thunderstorms.

A weak cold front will stall out across Colorado for a few days. This minor disturbance will help spawn showers and thunderstorms each day across the state. Stronger storms and more widespread rain, heavy at times, will be possible Thursday with slightly lower chances for severe weather into the weekend due to cooler temperatures.

Thursday, for Game 1 of the NBA finals in Denver, showers and a few thunderstorms are likely in the evening. Highs will be in the low 70s Thursday and near 70 degrees on Friday, with cooler air moving in for the weekend.

What’s Denver weather like in late May and early June?

If you’re new to Colorado, you should know that late May and early June is one of those weird weather times when nature shows its “adventurous” side. As the National Weather Service puts it, “just about anything can happen in late May and early June when it comes to Denver’s weather.”

May is considered Denver’s wettest month of the year. The monthly average for precipitation is 2.12 inches. The wettest May in Denver history (and wettest month ever) brought 8.57 inches of precipitation in 1876. In 2023, Denver received 5.52″ of rain and that wet trend looks likely to continue into the new month.

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