Rockstar’s Secrets: Ex-Game Developer’s Stories Removed After Complaints


New secrets about popular video games seems intersting, doesn’t it? Obbe Vermeij, a Grand Theft Auto developer, recently revealed some interesting stories on his old blog. He mentioned creating games like San Andreas and Vice City. But, uh-oh, Rockstar North was not pleased. They sent an email, and all of the stories vanished. Why? Some important people at Rockstar were irritated. It’s a shame because everyone was having a good time reading. Let’s hope they reconsider and we get to hear those stories again. Keep your fingers crossed! Rockstar’s Secrets: Ex-Game Developer’s Stories Removed After Complaints

A Legacy at Rockstar North

Vermeij’s involvement with Rockstar games began with Grand Theft Auto III in the early 2000s and continued via parallel projects until his resignation in 2009. Vermeij shed light on the complex intricacies of game creation while sharing anecdotes on his classic Blogger site, presumably without malicious purpose.

Development Secrets

The blog articles covered a wide range of topics, from the concessions made in the PC versions of GTA and GTA 2 to the Dreamcast prototype of GTA III. Vermeij reminisced about the beautiful experience of creating the first 3D GTA game with low crunch, as well as the testers’ valiant efforts in fixing 70,000 problems in San Andreas. Notably, a November 11 tweet revealed a desire among Rockstar’s artist community to make a zombie survival game post-Vice City, providing an intriguing glimpse into the abandoned project titled “Z.”

Crossing Boundaries and Rockstar’s Reaction

However, after a few weeks of sharing these engaging experiences, some at Rockstar felt the line had been crossed. Following an email from Rockstar North, Vermeij removed the majority of the entries on November 22nd, indicating that “some of the OGs there are upset by my blog.” Rockstar’s refusal to reveal their development techniques disappointed Vermeij, who anticipated for a more transparent approach from the renowned game maker.

The Persistence of Online Narratives

Regardless of whether or not posts are removed, the internet never forgets. Vermeij’s upbeat stories have remained popular on the internet. While attempts were made to reach Vermeij and Rockstar for comment, just silence was heard.

Vermeij, who is currently working on several projects from Ottawa, Canada, expressed hope that Rockstar would be forthcoming about their development processes. “Perhaps I’ll try again in a decade or two,” he reflected. For the time being, the captivating tales of Rockstar’s past are shrouded in mystery, waiting for a day when self-mythologizing gives way to a more open sharing of their rich history.

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