Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said she is perplexed by Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 GOP primary against Donald Trump, suggesting that the Florida governor made a poor decision to “turn on” the former president.

On The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show Thursday, Palin shied away from lobbing any policy criticisms at DeSantis, instead saying she was just confused about why the Florida governor has launched a White House bid.

“It doesn’t make sense that he’s even running,” she said, adding that she feels the same way about other candidates in the race who are further down in the polls.

“We’re wasting time and resources trying to figure out what’s going to happen during the primary. Let’s just get to work support[ing] Donald Trump getting back in there. It’s going to be an uphill battle that he’s going to have anyway in the general.”

Later in the discussion with Guilfoyle–Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancé–Palin said she knows “personally” that Trump is a “loyalist.”

“A good question that you’re asking is why in the world would people turn on him and they draw first blood when it’s not coming from [Trump]–he’s not picking on them,” claimed Palin, whom Trump endorsed last year for her twice failed congressional bid. (Palin herself endorsed Trump before the 2016 Iowa caucuses.)

“Right,” agreed Guilfoyle, who then whined that Trump has to participate in the primary process because he’s a former president.

“No offense: it’s actually sort of insane that we have this whole primary, because let’s be honest. [Trump] was president of the United States. If he was still in office, there would be no one running against him or primarying him,” she said. “So now we’re going to spend all this money and time, beat each other up, when we should be focused on the end game, on the general election, on defeating Joe Biden.”

Post source: TDB

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