Former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, are expecting their first child together, and it’s a boy! The couple decided to expand their little family of two into three and are super excited to welcome their new addition. The couple confirmed the news about Gabi’s pregnancy in an exclusive statement to People.

The couple spoke about how surprised they were to find that they were expecting a boy, considering the majority of the children in both their families have been girls. They are still very excited about all the memories they will create with their son.

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The Couple Is Expecting A Boy 

During their exclusive interview with People, McCreery revealed they’re expecting and joyfully said, “We got a little man on the way.” The superstar country singer spoke about how he and Gabi have always spoken and dreamed of having a family together.

He said, “We always knew we wanted kids, but we always knew we wanted the first few years to travel and have time on the road, to see things and experience life. We’ve gotten to live a lot of life and do some cool things, so seems like now’s a good time to settle down a little and expand the family.”

The “Damn Strait” singer also spoke about how exciting it is for him to have “everything happening all together” in his personal life and music career. He also noted his appreciation for his “fans that have been there since day one.” He also said, “This is uncharted waters for us, but we can’t wait to dive in and meet the little man.” 

Gabi Shared How She Revealed Her Pregnancy

Gabi also shared the story of how she found out she was pregnant and revealed the news to her husband- who is currently cruising at the top of the music charts after having a huge amount of success from his last four singles.

She explained that her plans for revealing the pregnancy to McCreery “didn’t quite go as planned.” Gabi said the plan was to pick him up from the airport and then attend a hockey game together before she revealed the news. 

She said, “Well, his flight got delayed, so that didn’t work out,” and then shared that she eventually told him the morning after the game. McCree also said, “I’m over there drinking beers, having a good time, and she’s like, ‘I think I’ll just lay low tonight,’ so I was like, ‘Okay.’ I didn’t think anything of it.”

They’re Shocked It’s A Boy

Scotty McCreery, Gabi Dugal. 53rd Annual CMA Awards, Country Music's Biggest Night, held at Music City Center.

The couple also revealed that their baby is due sometime in November, and they are thrilled to prepare and receive him. They also expressed how surprised they were to find out they were having a boy, considering the genetic preference for girls in their families. 

McCreery explained, “I was the only boy on both sides of my family, the last McCreery boy out there. Gabi’s from two sisters in her family, so I just figured it would be a girl. But we got a surprise of a boy.” However, they made it clear they would have been very happy whether the baby was a boy or girl.

McCreery also shared his excitement to create special moments with his son. He said, “I grew up playing sports, so getting to introduce him to baseball, which was my first love right there with music, and golf are just little things that [will be great].”

Gabi’s Career Will Help Her 

Scotty McCreery, Gabi Dugal. 2019 BMI Country Awards held at BMI Music Row Headquarters.

Gabi also shared how much she is anticipating using the knowledge she has learned from her career as a pediatric nurse to take care of her son when he arrives. She explained that her work has “shown me the ropes a little bit” when it comes to motherhood.

She also said, “Even just down to changing diapers multiple times in a day, and figuring out how to soothe the baby when they’re upset, for sure has helped. I definitely feel like it’s prepared me in many ways.” 

McCreery added, “It’ll be great for me because I’ll be so nervous. If the baby coughs, I’ll be like, ‘Hey, Gabi, is this okay? What’s happening here?’ So, knowing that she has that experience, I think it will be huge.”

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