Seth Meyers Mocks Hannity’s Embarrassing Trump Town Hall


On Tuesday night, Donald Trump sat down with pal Sean Hannity to discuss what a second Trump presidency might look like. While the event was dubbed a “town hall” by Fox News, Hannity was the only person to ask the former/aspiring president any questions, which made it more of a “so-called ‘town hall,’” according to Seth Meyers.

That the primetime special was more of a softball interview where Trump was running the show may have been for the best, however. Because if viewers were paying attention, Meyers is pretty sure they would have noticed that inmate P01135809 “is clearly, let’s say, not well.”

“It’s become a frequent talking point among Republicans and Fox News pundits that Joe Biden is in ‘cognitive decline,’” Meyers explained. “Although personally, I’m not sure we should trust the medical opinions of the network that repeatedly downplayed COVID and lied about vaccines, promoted a candidate who said both that windmills cause cancer and that we should inject bleach into our lungs, and once aired what was essentially an advertisement for testicle tanning.”

Unsurprisingly during the town hall, Trump and Hannity spent a good chunk of time discussing Biden’s alleged mental impairments. “Although it’s hard for Trump to make that claim convincingly,” Meyers reacted, given the former president’s own regular gaffes, misstatements, and otherwise senior moments. Which on Tuesday included one particular moment where Trump, in typical rambling style, declared of Biden that “cognitively, he’s not good.”

“Is that your professional diagnosis, Dr. Medicine?,” Meyers wanted to know. “That sounds like news you’d get if your doctor was Paulie Walnuts… Even Frankenstein’s Monster would come up with something better than ‘cognitively, not good.’”

Trump went on to claim that he had warned Hannity not to bring up Sleepy Joe’s mental status. Because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

“We shouldn’t be joking about it,” Trump stated. “I actually told Sean, ‘You shouldn’t joke about it. It’s serious.’ We’re dealing with nuclear…” Hannity interjected to confirm that that was indeed “a true story” and claimed that Trump called him previously and told him that Biden’s apparently scrambled brains aren’t funny.

“Now Trump has long been an erratic weirdo, but his cognitive defects… have become much more glaring lately,” Meyers said. “He slurs his words, forgets which city he’s in… He gets basic facts confused, like the time he mixed up the leaders of Hungary and Turkey. Or the time he said you need I.D. to buy a loaf of bread.”

Among his other more memorable trip-ups: the time he forgot who he was currently running against and claimed it was Obama (it was Biden), then tried to clear up that confusion by saying he had already run against Obama (he didn’t).

“Watching Trump try to get to the end of a sentence is like watching a dog walk across a balance beam,” Meyers quipped.

“He’s also physically incapable of just stopping and correcting himself,” Meyers continued. “He has to act like he meant every word he said, even if he misspoke. Which only makes him sound more insane.”

Which is a pretty bold statement given that, in the very same interview, Trump attempted to clear up the rumors that he was planning to turn his presidency into a dictatorship by claiming that he’ll only be a dictator “on Day One.” Which surely makes millions of Americans feel much better.

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