Noise making, fireworks to gun shots to church bells are the traditional ways of welcoming New Year across the world. 

During a peaceful candlelight protest by Omoyele Sowore and other activists in Abuja, the killer squad from the Rapid Response Squad descended on the activists and whisked them away. According to reports, “Sowore was particularly singled out for torture by the security operatives, who gave him a bloodied nose before whisking him away.” They are currently being detained and tortured at Abattoir police station, Logokoma, Abuja.

The start of a new year carries a special symbolism. With the arrest of Sowore and other activists, it means General Muhammadu Buhari in 2021 will continue his politics of blood characterized by repression, abuse, beating, maiming, and killing of peaceful protesters. Nigerians have had enough of the year 2020. If you thought 2020 was an unpredictable year, you’re ain’t seeing nothing yet. Prepare yourselves for  Buhari’s most brutal, repressive, and tyrannical year.

As we remember those who are not here to continue the fight with us, it is important to note that the Revolution has just begun. We started and ended 2020 on a stormy note, 2021 will not be different. Many protests will erupt on our streets. Buhari’s regime will face a new form of revolution. Many new economic and political challenges lie ahead. 

In the new year, Nigeria will move backward fast in political repression. Old habits die hard especially with dictators. Buhari is known for many years of repression, military meddling, rigged elections, and little or no democracy. There will be escalation of violence and abuse. Buhari has presided over a system of entrenched oppression and impunity from his military days. Buhari’s secret police will carry out or orchestrate violence and victimization of Nigerians. For Buhari, 2021 could be a make or break year. 

Human history is replete with various forms of repression. But no dictator or any oppressor have succeeded in extinguish the desire for greater freedom. Buhari will fail to kill political rebellion and other forms of collective defiance by Sowores of the world. The days ahead look grim, dark, and dangerous. Nigerians, brace up!

Happy Old Year in a New Year!

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