The popular first-person shooter from Riot Games may be moving to the sandy coastline of Los Angeles, so if you’ve been looking forward to seeing the newest locale to join VALORANT’s vast variety of maps, look no further. The game’s upcoming stunning map, Sunset, has a leaked name, and based on the early artwork, it may be a great synthesis of both classic and contemporary aesthetics.


A group of structures constructed using the traditional Mission Revival style common in sunny Los Angeles is depicted in the screenshot of the map that ValorLeaks uploaded. If you need more information about Sunset, a new VALORANT map, has been leaked—and it looks incredible, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Sunset, a new VALORANT map, has been leaked—and it looks incredible:

Different landmarks can also be observed, such as a building that appears to be a theater and has a giant “sunset” sign on the exterior, as well as a devastated structure that is being supported by an unidentified force. Even a basketball court, numerous levels, staircases, and numerous angles that need to be checked can be seen closer to the map’s edges.

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Sunset will have two sites and no mobility gimmicks, according to ValorLeaks, which has already delighted several gamers with the prospect of a new favorite map option. This means that, unlike earlier map ideas, there won’t be any teleporters, doorways, or enormous ziplines, and that the outcomes will be determined only by gameplay.

Since the publication of the Golden Hour player card, which featured a brand-new location with palm trees and homes in the Mission Revival style, the VALORANT community has been speculating about the location of the game’s upcoming map. With the battle pass player cards, Riot has repeatedly hinted at forthcoming content, and it appears that this pattern will continue.

These rumors were eventually almost explicitly confirmed in a trailer where Cypher and Deadlock detailed the activities of Kingdom Laboratories at the time. Cypher briefly displayed a map on his displays while they were conversing, and after a short comparison, internet sleuths found that it was a perfect match to a location just outside of Los Angeles, close to Long Beach. Though, it shouldn’t be too long before Sunset is confirmed. Prior to the championship game on Saturday, August 26, the 2023 VALORANT Champions pre-show will reveal the new map.

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