League of Legends is a live-service game that is regularly updated with new champions, items, and other content to keep players interested. Before being added to the live servers, these features are first added to the public beta environment (PBE), where players can test the numerous changes to make sure they are well-balanced and contribute to healthy gameplay. Similar to the main game, the PBE server, however, has occasionally experienced a few minor problems that are typically attributed to major updates that are being patched in for testing.

Similar to League, Riot holds the PBE to a standard of efficiency, so many of these problems are resolved promptly, enabling players to test a variety of content and provide their feedback. If you need more information about The League of Legends PBE seems to be down, and How to determine a server’s status, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

The League of Legends PBE seems to be down, and How to determine a server’s status:

The PBE was shut down on May 31 to “address some issues” that had been plaguing the testing realm for several hours, according to a tweet from Riot Mortdog. There is no concrete timeline for when the PBE will resume operations because he made it clear in the announcement that it might take some time to fix the problems.

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This implies that the new skins revealed today, such as those joining the Shan Hai Scrolls skin series and a new Mythic-tier skin arriving in Patch 13.12, cannot yet be tested by players. Everything currently available for testing on the PBE is still anticipated to launch on the official servers on the dates they are scheduled to.

Due to the daily increase in player numbers, Riot must constantly consider the welfare of players, server health, and maintenance. When a sizable player base connects to and engages in gameplay on the numerous regional servers, server outages are an unavoidable issue.

Anyone can check the status of each of the developer’s games worldwide, including their test servers, on the Riot Games official service status website. When you first arrive at the website, scroll down to the League of Legends icon and then to the very bottom of the list for the region until you see “PBE.”

Users will then be directed to a page where they can view the PBE server’s status, including any error messages and any ongoing or lengthy maintenance windows. Should users wish to view earlier problems on the server, there is also a list of all issues that have recently been fixed.

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