TikTok Creators Go Viral For Sharing Their Relatable 2023 Financial Struggles


As the year starts to wind down, many people on TikTok are openly discussing the financial struggles they’ve been faced with in 2023.

Tons of TikTok creators have gone viral for opening up about how the economy is making it impossible for them to make financial ends meet.

TikTok Creators Share Their Relatable Financial Struggles

Mackmoan1988 on TikTok
Mackmoan1988 – TikTok

This year has seen many changes in the economy and so many people are feeling the shift to higher-priced groceries, gas, living expenses, and everything in between. Where many years ago, people might have kept their struggles on the down low, but now, more and more people are opening up and sharing their experiences so others know they aren’t alone.

TikTok creator Mackenzie, who goes by Mackmoan1988 on the app, recently went viral for sharing her very real experiences with money and not being able to get ahead in this economy. Captioned, “Normal people are struggling. Something has to change,” the video has received more than 1.5 million views and has 20,000 comments.

“I feel like my husband and I are doing everything right. We both have good jobs, I’m a nurse. I’m a registered nurse. I work full-time. He works full-time. We just got paid this past Friday, right? We paid the mortgage, bought some groceries, put some gas in the car, and guys, it is Tuesday, and we have like $200-300 to last us until next Friday,” she explained through tears. “We don’t live in a big house. We live in a little ranch. It’s 1,100 square feet, three bedrooms, one bath, just us and our two kids. And, like, I don’t know what to do.”

She continued to explain that she is in school full time and works full time, and her husband works overtime every week, and yet they are still struggling.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be,” she continued. “Growing up we were told to go to college, get a degree, and work to support our family. Here we are. Did that, now what?”

@mackmoan1988 normal people are struggling. something has to change. #economy #groceries #price #rn #registerednurse #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Mackenzie

Mackenzie went on to explain that her family does not live above their means, and something needs to change. Many viewers could relate and share their own stories in the comment section.

“I promise it’s not just you. It’s all of America,” one person wrote. A string of comments under that one shared the same sentiment – “It’s so rough out here. and we are all depressed and drowning,” “We have 98 cents in our savings,” “Same. I think I have 3 dollars but I’m 40,000 In debt single mom of 2 with minimum wage income,” and “Had a savings. it’s wiped out and there’s no way to get it past 1.00 living check to check,” among others.

Another viewer shared, “I make 6 figures and am STILL paycheck to paycheck! How in the h—?? I don’t live beyond my means either. It is so depressing!”

Another TikTok Creator Said She Was Better Off Making Minimum Wage In 2012 Than Now

Sam.breezie on TikTok
Sam.breezie – TikTok

Another creator on the platform who goes by Sam.breezie also shared her financial struggles in 2023 versus how it was back in 2012 when she was making considerably less money.

“The cost of living in 2023 is so bad that I’m pretty sure I actually was better of financially when I was making minimum wage in 2012 versus me making almost $100,000 today,” she said. “In 2012, I lived with my roommate in a two-bedroom apartment and our rent was $700, so we paid $350 each. I paid maybe $100, $150 a month for groceries, our utilities were maybe $100 a month for everything, and my take-home pay making minimum wage was probably, I don’t know, $1300, $1400 a month.”

@sam.breezie If i had known that this is what 2023 was going to look like 10 years ago i would have skipped on going to school and just bought a house instead ? #canadianhousingmarket #costoflivingcrisis #housingcrisis ♬ original sound – Sam ?️‍?

She explained that after paying all her bills in 2012, she had a considerable amount of money left for the month. But now in 2023, things are very different despite making more money.

“Now in 2023, I pay $3,300 a month for rent in British Columbia, obviously split in two so I pay $1,650 of that. Utilities are at least $200 or $300 a month, I have a student loan payment of several hundred dollars a month. I had to move outside the city so now I have to have a car.”

She concluded her video by saying she feels she had a lot more disposable income back in 2012 while making minimum wage.

Many viewers left comments about how they can relate.

“Went from $36,000 a year at the start of COVID to $80,000 a year. I’m in the exact. Same. Financial. Position,” one viewer wrote. Another added, “My single mother in 2017 is more financially stable than me now even tho I’m childless and earning more than she did then.”

One Creator Shared The Things She Was Forced To Give Up In This Economy

Jenna_michal on TikTok
Jenna.michal – TikTok

Another TikTok creator, who goes Jenna.michal on the app, shared some of the things she has been forced to give up in this economy.

“Things I’ve had to give up because I can no longer afford them,” she began her video. She went on to reveal that she’s had to give up getting her hair dyed and her nails done, buying things for her friends, doing Starbucks visits, going to Target for fun, girls’ days out, Chick-fil-A meals, driving around just for fun, and more.

“Name-brand clothing has always been a luxury to me, but now, I literally can’t tell you the last time I bought like, something Nike brand new,” she continued. “I thrift everything. I can’t afford it.”

@jenna_michal I see these videos everywhere its sad ? #economy #thingsicannolongerdo #thingsicantafford #expensive #budgeting #thingsivehadtogiveup #luxuries ♬ original sound – Jenna B

The video received more than 1.4 million views and thousands of comments.

“I legitimately do not know how people are supporting families in this economy,” one person commented. “Literally making the most money I’ve ever made, and I’m the poorest I’ve ever been,” shared another.

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