DENVER — Tom’s Watch Bar is unveiling a new robot server to help with customer orders during the restaurant’s busiest hours.

Tom’s Watch Bar Operating Partner Refik Turkanovic said the robot is helping fill the restaurant’s labor gap.

“It’s literally just to help out our employees. I mean, the restaurant industry is very fast-paced. It can be a very tough and rigorous environment and this is going to relieve some of that pressure,” Turkanovic said.

Turkanovic said the robot will not replace any human employees, but is programmed to help servers.

“It is capable of going from one table to the next, delivering dishes, delivering food and then going back to its home station,” Turkanovic said.

Turkanovic said even on days when the restaurant is at full-capacity, the robot can maneuver through the crowds.

“We have pretty strict ADA regulations and that robot simply follows that lane and it has great maneuvering capabilities. I believe he has a 180-degree radius so he can sense any kind of motion or change,” Turkanovic said.

Turkanovic said right now employees are participating in a contest to name the robot and it will be on duty this weekend during the Stanley Cup Final Game 5.

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