This month saw the highest viewership ever for the Mid-Season Invitational in League of Legends esports, which set a new record. However, some fans were not pleased with the competition’s meta, despite the competition’s growing popularity. A Reddit user shared a post on May 22, the day following the 2023 MSI finals, in which they claimed that Yuumi’s absence made MSI “truly enjoyable” and that viewers’ experiences were enhanced as a result.

The bot lane meta was criticized for being outdated by some, even though many people agreed with the user. If you need more information about Two Champions, according to LoL fans, “killed the fun” of watching MSI 2023, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Two champions, according to LoL fans, “killed the fun” of watching MSI 2023:

Additionally, a Reddit user claimed that it felt like “one of the least varied meta in a very long time.” It even “killed a lot of the enjoyment,” according to them. Given its increasing significance over the past few months, the bot lane has been a hot topic in the pro-play meta. As hyper-carries like Aphelios and Jinx have become more prevalent, teams have frequently only had these two picks in their comps with few to no alternatives.

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According to League stats website Games of Legends, both champions produced a presence rate of 75% at MSI 2023 with more than 40 games played on each selection.

Since their presence rates were both under 50%, Zeri and Xayah were regarded as being in a lower tier and were typically only chosen when Aphelios or Jinx were suspended. Another strong choice was supposed to be Lucian, but in most cases, he was prohibited (40 bans in total at MSI, according to Games of Legends).

The ADC is naturally the least varied role in professional play because the champions in the class vary the least in terms of what they offer to the team, which is physical ranged damage. This was the argument put forth by another user to support their claim that Aphelios and Jinx distorted the meta. Typically, the decision comes down to whether they are in the best position to deal that damage or if it would be preferable to have it come from somewhere else on the map. They recommended that each meta have no more than five ideal ADC picks based on this analysis.

The MSI 2023 meta was quite unique compared to earlier metas that offered multiple carries in various roles, even though this is partially true. With the exception of a handful of extreme situations, ADCs were the only reliable source of DPS during this tournament: According to Games of Legends, BLG Bin’s Gwen dealt 24.4 percent more damage to his team than Elk did in game two of the MSI finals.


The majority of champions in other positions, such as the mid lane, had the express purpose of bringing utility and crowd control to lock down the greatest threat from the opposition while dealing little to no damage. When this happens, having a hyper-carry ADC is necessary to compensate for the other players’ insufficient damage output. Due to the midseason Patch 13.10, we should experience a significant meta shift now that MSI is over. To the delight of some viewers, the system and item changes will probably result in a completely new meta.

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