UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste recently shared her iconic outfit to the Beyoncé concert, leaving her fans speechless.

Arianny Celeste Stuns At Beyoncé Concert

UFC Girl Arianny Celeste Attends Beyoncé Concert In Style
Instagram | Arianny Celeste

The UFC ring girl shared a video of herself getting ready for the Beyoncé, which ended with her wearing a white mini skirt, a silver sequined crop top, silver earrings, and a silver choker necklace. She placed a pair of oversized sunglasses on her face at the end.

“Bey concert fit and my zit that’s haunted me for the last three weeks. ?✨,” she captioned the video.

Fans instantly commented on the post, writing things such as “Simply Gorgeous ? love your ootd ??” and “Still flawless. ?”.

Others wrote, “Simply stunning ?” and “Naturally beautiful.”

Beyoncé is currently on tour promoting her new album “Renaissance.” The pop icon will play in stadiums across the continent, such as Soldier Field, Gillette Stadium, SoFi Stadium, NRG Stadium, and more,

Arianny Celeste Promotes Raunchy Content

UFC Girl Arianny Celeste Attends Beyoncé Concert In Style
Instagram | Arianny Celeste

The UFC ring girl is known for her time in the Octagon and for promoting her exclusive fan site on Instagram. Recently, Celeste shared a steamy photo, which grabbed the attention of her followers.

She posed in a pink, purple, and blue snakeskin bikini, showing off her abs, assets, and long, tanned legs.

“You’re my sunrise. ?,” she captioned the post, which gained hundreds of comments from followers, including “So Cute Arianny ?❤” and “Absolutely ? beautiful queen ?.”

A third commented, “Absolutely wonderful woman and so pretty ❤️❤️” while another chimed in with, “Pure perfection ???.”

Who Is Arianny Celeste?

Arianny Celeste Leaves Little To Imagination With Latest IG Post

The UFC ring girl first got her start at 16 years old when she landed her first modeling gig in Las Vegas. When speaking about the experience, Celeste reflected, saying, “I started modeling when I was 16, but I didn’t work much because I lived in Las Vegas.”

She continued, “In Vegas, most jobs required girls over 21. Also, I was rather shy. When I turned 21, I entered the 2006 Octagon Girl contest because I was a student and thought I could win money to help pay for tuition. I was surprised but super excited when I booked the job. As the UFC grew, I grew with them.”

Since then, Celeste has gone on to land many other gigs, including posing for Playboy, which she says the shoot idea was intimidating. Luckily, she told everyone involved was highly supportive, making the experience more comfortable and memorable.

“When Playboy asked me to shoot, I was in a great place. I had been with the UFC for a while and was happy with my body and confident as a model. Of course, it’s a little nerve-racking whenever you have to shoot naked. But everyone there was so professional I felt super comfortable,” she told the magazine. “Somehow, it seemed normal to be photographed naked in that environment. I had always admired girls in Playboy, so shooting for them was an amazing experience.”

Arianny Celeste is best known for her time within the UFC as a ring girl; she debuted in 2006 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada, and won “2006 Ring Girl of the Year” by Fighter’s Only Magazine.

Post source: The blast

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