ISLAMABAD – United States levels serious allegations against Russia and China over coronavirus pandemic.

China and Russia have been accused by the US of developing cooperation in spreading false narratives about coronavirus pandemic.

Lea Gabrielle, the coordinator of the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which tracks foreign propaganda, said, “Even before the Covid-19 crisis we assessed a certain level of coordination between Russia and the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) in the realm of propaganda,”

She added, “But with this pandemic, the cooperation has accelerated rapidly,”

She also said to the reporters, “We see this convergence as a result of what we consider to be pragmatism between the two actors who want to shape public understanding of the COVID pandemic for their own purposes,”

According to the sources, proxies of both China and Russia are apparently coordinating to magnify this narrative on social media platforms. Lea Gabrielle concluded that both might be working for a shared interest.

She said, ”Beijing appears to be increasingly adopting Russian tactics to sow discord and spread disinformation on social media about the origins of COVID-19.”

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