Wandering Warrior of Wudang, the thrilling manhwa series, has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with its action-packed storyline and intriguing characters. Chapter 113 is just around the corner, and readers are eagerly anticipating what twists and turns await them in this next installment.

Recap: Chapter 112

In Chapter 112, we witnessed Tang Seryoung’s bravery despite sustaining injuries during a fierce battle. However, her condition takes a dire turn, and Gwi Young, the series’ protagonist, steps in to tend to her wounds. Despite Seryoung’s insistence that she is fine, Gwi Young realizes the severity of her injuries, hinting at possible broken ribs. The chapter also unveils a subtle moment where Seryoung speculates on Gwi Young’s true intentions.

Preview of Chapter 113

Chapter 113 promises to escalate the tension further as Gwi Young takes on the role of bait to protect Seryoung. With the opposition clan relentlessly pursuing her, the situation looks grim. Gwi Young’s resolve to safeguard Seryoung, even when facing overwhelming odds, suggests a deeper connection between them. In the upcoming chapters, we can expect this connection to evolve into a romantic development, although the manhwa has yet to confirm it.

Release Date and Time

Fans won’t have to wait long for the next exciting chapter of Wandering Warrior of Wudang. Chapter 113 is set to be released on Sunday, October 8th, 2023, in Korean Standard Time (KST). For international readers, here’s a handy table with release times in various time zones:

Time ZoneRelease Date and Time
Indian Standard Time (IST)08:30 PM on October 7th
Central European Time (CEST)05:00 PM on October 7th
New York (EST)11:00 AM on October 7th
Pacific Time (PST)08:00 AM on October 7th
Eastern European Time (EEST)06:00 PM on October 7th
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12:00 AM on October 8th
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)01:00 AM on October 8th
Korean Standard Time (KST)12:00 AM on October 8th

Where to Read Wandering Warrior of Wudang Chapter 113

Readers eager to dive into Chapter 113 can find it in raw format on the Kakao Webtoon platform, where the latest few chapters are available for free. For those looking for English translations, the new chapters are accessible on the Tapas website.

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Final Thoughts

As the tension continues to mount in Wandering Warrior of Wudang, Chapter 113 promises to deliver an enthralling continuation of the story. With Gwi Young risking it all to protect Seryoung and the possibility of a budding romance between them, readers are in for a treat. Mark your calendars for the release date, and don’t miss the next exciting installment of this captivating manhwa series. Stay tuned for more updates and revelations in the world of Wandering Warrior of Wudang.

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