Weak Hero, also known as Yakhan Yeong-ung depicts the school system’s dark corners. A place where bullies are in charge. When you have two options, you can either be the bully or the victim of bullying. Gray Yeon, our protagonist, walks into their midst. At first glance, he appears to be a frail, weak boy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Colton Choi, a class bully, discovered this the hard way.

Gray appeared feminine, according to Choi. He put his hands on him, and he was rendered unconscious in the blink of an eye. He began with a jab to the throat. Gray used the straps from his bag to restrain him while he was recovering from that. As well as a kick to the back of his knees to force him to kneel. Choi was struggling to move and began making threats. Gray slapped him repeatedly until he stopped talking. He warned Choi not to cause a commotion in his class again. Stories about the incident quickly spread throughout Eunjang High. He piqued the interest of the other school delinquents. They stood back and watched him. They commented on how weak he appeared, but he was able to defeat the likes of Colton Choi.

Spoilers For Chapter 238

Weak Hero Chapter 238 will be pivotal. The fights that began in Chapter 237 will come to an end. At this point, the battle between Eungang and The Union could go either way. Despite the fact that the Union has more men, Eunjang appears to be in good hands. They have a number of candidates with high growth potential. If Eunjang is to win, they must push past their limits. Teddy Jin and Lee Gongsam’s fight can go either way. They appeared to be evenly matched. Unless they get help, they’ll just keep going until one or both of them is exhausted. Forest Lee and Colton Choi were almost done fighting. Choi has yet to land a single blow on Forest Lee.

Choi will undoubtedly lose if things continue as they are. It’s questionable when it comes to Sungjin Choi and Seongmok Do. Sungjin is the stronger of the two, but Seongmok Do can hold his own against most people. Last but not least, our favorite matchup is Jimmy Bae vs Gerald Jin. This is their first time facing off against each other. Only the very best will survive.

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Release Date and Where To Read

Weak Hero Chapter 238 will be available on or around March 25th, 2023. This list will help you determine when and on what date Weak Hero Chapter 238 will be available to you. This list contains all relevant information about the release in accordance with all major time zones around the world. Please accept our apologies if you were unable to locate your native time zone.

  • Indian Standard Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 8:30 PM.
  • Singapore Standard Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday,11:00 PM.
  • Philippines Standard Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday,11:00 PM.
  • Japanese Standard Time: 25th March 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM.
  • Korean Standard Time: 25th March 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM.
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: 25th March 2023, Thursday, 12:30 AM.
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 8:00 AM.
  • Central Daylight Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 10:00 AM.
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 11:00 AM.
  • British Summer Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 4:00 PM.
  • Central European Time: 24th March 2023, Wednesday, 4:00 PM.

Weak Hero Chapter 238 can be found on Naver Webtoon or Naver Series. There is no need to be concerned if you are a new reader. The websites contain all chapters, beginning with Chapter 1 and ending with the most recent one.

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