What Happened To Freddie Mercury’s Family?


Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) was born to parents Jer and Bomi Bulsara in 1946 in Stone Town Zanzibar (via Laura Jackson’s “Freddie Mercury: The Biography”). The couple knew he was musically gifted from a young age, and his mother, Jer (above right), taught him piano. Speaking to The Telegraph in 2012 about Mercury’s life and death, his mother recalled their close relationship and said that Mercury regularly returned home to visit while off tour. Just a year earlier, she told The Telegraph that he would send postcards from around the world.

Sadly, both his parents were forced to live many years without Mercury, who died from AIDs-related health complications at just 45 years old. His father, Bomi, was reportedly deeply anguished by Mercury’s early death. In the documentary “Freddie Mercury: The Final Act,” his sister recalled how her father, while reading an article in the newspaper about his son’s passing, burst into tears and lamented (via Smooth Radio), “This should have been me, instead of Freddie.”

Following Mercury’s passing the elderly couple moved to Nottingham to be closer to their daughter Kashmira Bulsara. Both Jer and Bomi lived a long life; Bomi died aged 95 in 2003, while Jer died in her sleep aged 94 in 2016.

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