Riot Games is releasing a rare Ultimate skin for League of Legends for the first time in three years. These specialized cosmetics rank among the most expensive in-game purchases due to their high prices for some of the most intricate skins available. Samira will this time join this select group of champions, becoming just the sixth League of Legends character to receive an Ultimate skin.

The Starry-Eyed Songstress was elevated to new heights with the release of K/DA All-Out Seraphine in 2020. This skin featured three evolving forms that were unlocked through specific in-game missions. If you need more information about When will the new Samira Ultimate skin be for League of Legends? then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

When will the new Samira Ultimate skin be for League of Legends?

Players can anticipate a new model that may also take on different forms, new textures, new splash art, new animations, and visuals, in addition to a complete voice line set and distinctive sound effects, even though Samira’s Ultimate skin’s specific skin line hasn’t been made public yet. To fit the standard astronomical 3,250 RP price tag, additional bonus content can also be found with these kinds of skins.

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Samira’s Ultimate skin will be made available this summer as part of League’s seasonal event, according to Riot’s skins product lead Stephanie “100 pc nuggets” Leung. Although the precise start date has not yet been determined, it should occur within the next few months.

The most valuable skins in League of Legends used to be Ultimate Skins, which were renowned for their creativity and originality. However, as they grew older and some of the newer skins improved in quality, these skins started to lose a lot of their appeal. Seraphine’s K/DA All Out was the last Ultimate Skin to be made available; however, Spirit Guard Udyr underwent some revisions with the champions VGU back in 2022.

“As we’ve mentioned before, Ultimate skins are a tough space to land,” Leung said. “Our definition of what it means to be an Ultimate skin has changed over the years, but ‘make players feel we’ve done something truly special’ and ‘best-in-class for the champion’ are still the two that we’re operating under.”

She was originally intended to be a Legendary-tier skin, but the skin team kept adding details until she could only be priced as an Ultimate skin, according to Leung. Fans should prepare for an “expression of Samira’s fantasy,” which will be a flashy marksman who will be dressing up her foes and delivering a quick pentakill.

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