The army Senna has been destroying the rift for some time. So much so that he is heavily played as an ADC nowadays. Should he have been moved to that position altogether? I don’t remember when it started. When the army became so OP that just its auto attacks can kill you, but let me tell you, mine could never support Janna or Yumi. So, what’s going on here? How is Legion still a support when he’s actually so viable as an ADC? If you need more information about Why Isn’t Senna Chosen In The league of Legend Meta for ADC Support? Then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

I think because Lucian was an ADC, he naturally kept the Legion as support. But Lucian hasn’t really been doing well for too long, while his wife destroys everything in her path… sometimes even her own husband. If she moves on, you can just FF.

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This trend began in the 2022 League World Championships, when reigning world champion player Beryl supported Heimerdinger for the first time. After teams and players gradually realized the ins and outs behind this unorthodox pick, they began to experiment with new answers and counter-picks. As a result, traditional ADCs began to be picked as supports, first with Ashe and then with other suits including Caitlin and Kalista in the LCK.

In a meta full of ADC supports, however, there is one champion that was specifically designed and released with the goal of becoming a marksman support: Legion. With zero picks in key areas (according to stats site Games of Legends), why doesn’t he get played?

Senna Weak In This Phase:

I have checked a few win rate platforms and currently his win rate was the worst among all of them. In fact on U.GG he has the worst win rate out of all supports, more than just choosing “Off Meta” which is not the best title to get. Now this can be dismissed as inexperience, but low win rates are the same across all ranks. And the guys who had the best win rates on him don’t even lead him and have better win rates on other champions.Another thing that I have noticed is that he feels weak while playing.

There is so much in his kit that some might call it overloaded. And yet she never appears or is ever said to be 200 years old or compared to Silas or Akshan (other champions with nearly full kits). Every time I see the enemy lifting it up, I thought this could be attributed to the fact that he is not a tank support, which is almost all of the season meta for most of the time. Still it can’t be? His W however appears to be similar to Morgan, another stable pick with all the downsides. And although it lacks the “no CC shield”, it has plenty of other abilities to praise it for.

Attack speed doesn’t give him that much advantage:

This second point is partially related to the first one, as the military doesn’t have great trade tools without substantial attack damage or critical strike. She is designed to scale in the late game thanks to her passive granting souls that convert to Crit Chance and Attack Range.If you pay attention to the ADCs I’ve picked in pro play so far this season, they all seem to be abusing Hell of Blades. Keystone Runes provide a huge boost to attack speed once activated, allowing these ADC champions to perform some auto attacks faster than enemies. By doing so during a laning phase, it can cause a lot of damage, a potential kill or dive.

Unfortunately, due to his passive, the army has an attack ratio of 0.3 which modifies the effectiveness of the attack speed on the champion. This means that the military cannot take advantage of the power of the Blades of Hell, making the rune ineffective on it and greatly impairing its business. Another marksman who has a modified attack ratio is Xin. That said, he does provide value thanks to his kit and abilities, which are related to the next reason why Legion is no longer a suitable selection.

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