YouTuber Claims Pet Fish Spent His Money To Buy Nintendo Points

A malfunction led to the fish spending money at the eShop.

Pet owners typically spend time with their animals to take a break from the daily grind, which makes their lives easier. However, a pet fish in Japan has caused its owner a little trouble by using his money online and disclosing his credit card details in public.

A Japanese YouTuber claims that he set up his pet fish to play Pokemon on his Nintendo Switch using a custom configuration, but that due to a fault, the fish spent money at the eShop and exposed its owner’s credit card details live, according to UPI.

The news outlet further reported that Mutekimaru, also known as Maurice, runs a channel on the video-sharing website where his fish participates in various Pokemon series games. The betta fish controls the game by swimming to different areas of its tank, which have been outfitted with sensors that simulate pushing the buttons on Maurice’s Nintendo Switch.

The youtuber also uploaded a video titled “Pet Fish revealing owner’s credit card details on livestream ended up with shopping,” which depicts the unexpected event.

The fish’s motions prompted the Nintendo eShop to open, and the pet used $4 of its owner’s money to purchase points, according to the news outlet UPI. On the live stream, the fish also displayed Maurice’s credit card details. Additionally, the fish was able to download a Nintendo 64 video game and buy a new avatar with reward points.

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