50 Cent Bringing ‘Final Lap Tour’ To Jamaica and Africa


50 Cent says he has a list of places he wants to perform before he closes out his The Final Lap Tour, which has taken the United States and Europe by storm this year. As the year winds down, it seems that the Queens rapper and Power producer hinted that he isn’t done just yet, as he wants to perform in Africa, Jamaica, and a few other places.

50 Cent’s tour has been a massive success, with sold-out venues across the globe at each concert. However, how can it be a world tour if you haven’t been to Africa or Jamaica? The artist is planning to break a world record for concerts to touch down in each region of the world.

On Monday night, the artist shared a photo of him sitting on a gold throne in the style of a King.

“I still have to hit Africa, Jamaica, Tokyo, Japan on the Final Lap Tour [world emoji],” he wrote, adding, “Where else should I go around the world?”

Of course, Jamaicans were excited as they popped up in the comments with the Jamaican flag emojis, including several Jamaica party promoters who were ready to bring the artiste for a party.

“HMU,” Sunnation and Best Weekend Ever party promoter wrote, adding, “Tell Fiddeh to say the word and a mek it happen!” Nino added, “Jamaica wah uno she?” Another Jamaica fan said, “Yaad a wait pon yuh fi touch down.”

Jamaica has gained a reputation as a celebrity playground for American celebs who flock to the island yearly, especially during the summer and winter seasons. Many rappers flew to the island this year to enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and delicious Jamaican food. Some artists also took the opportunity to record music and enjoy some of Kingston’s nightlife.

As for entertainment, the country has also seen a burst of international talent performing on the island recently, including big names like Ashanti, Ja Rule, Chris Brown, and Burna Boy in the summer this year.

50 Cent saw tremendous success for his The Final Lap Tour with sold out stadium shows across North America and Europe. The New York rap legend is now eyeing similar success in Africa and a potential big show in Jamaica, where he also has a lot of fans.

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