Byron Messia issued a clapback at Teejay with his own diss track titled “Collision.”

The Jamaican-born dancehall deejay, who grew up in St. Kitts, is getting his first taste of dancehall lyrical warfare after igniting a beef with Montego Bay singjay Teejay with some scathing remarks shared on his Instagram Story close friends last month. As it turns out, one of the persons on his close friends list leaked a screenshot of the message where he also took a jab at Reggae Sumfest promoters.

Sources close to Teejay and Sumfest told Urban Islandz last week that neither of them knew why Byron Messia suddenly attacked them. The “Rags To Riches” singer took things a step further and dropped a diss track, “Warning,” after declaring all-out war. Not only did he style Messia, but also his production team, Ztekk Entertainment.

“Unnu anuh Ztekk, something ago sting you p***sy/anuh bees nest,” Teejay sings over a bouncy beat.

Byron Messia initially stated that he would not respond to Teejay, but had a change of heart over the past 24 hours when he quickly recorded his response track. “Me no war with kids a child abuse dat sell some records son,” he wrote in a comment on his IG Story. “A better me send fe me belt.”

At around 3 PM EST on Monday, the dancehall star released a new song, “Collision,” on his YouTube channel. “Shoot up the car weh the pu*** them a drift,” Byron sings over a beat produced by Ztekk.

“Bout f*** up in yah, wait till a gunman yuh buck up in a/The 6ix full a pay killa, We kill a man den we book a villa/ Disgrace me send a killa a yuh gate/ Pump e shot take off the rest a him weight, Bare bat we a fly in a the cave,” Messia sings.

Byron Messia also shared a clip on his IG showing Teejay on Instagram Live earlier this year listening to the hit song “Talibans” and giving Messia his flowers. “Byron Messia yuh find it yuh find it,” Teejay said in the clip before reciting some of the lyrics.

It’s still too early to judge who won the first round of the Teejay vs. Byron Messia lyrical clash. Their respective fans have already claimed victory, but the feud is far from over, so only time will tell.

In the meantime, listen to Byron Messia’s diss track “Collision” below.

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