Tony Matterhorn unleashed his anger on Bounty Killer and some of his critics who called him a deadbeat father. The veteran sound system selector also stated that he would not disrespect his estranged wife, Shanice “Bella” Taylor.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest dancehall news, Tony Matterhorn was put on blast earlier this week by his wife. Dancehall fans were stunned because this was the first time that some found out that the sound system selector was married and certainly the first time they heard from her.

Tony Matterhorn says he will not disrespect his wife publicly but admitted that things are in shambles privately. The disc jockey says he will always love his wife and won’t be engaging in a public spectacle with her.

“Me nah go elaborate on my thing, mi ago always love my wife and mi no have nutten bad fi say,” Matterhorn said on Instagram Live. “And mi no have no side to say, which me no talk my business. Yuh notice me and people? Me talk people business and cuss people and class people, me no class family and me no class loved ones, so unnu nah go ever see me do that, me nah do that.”

Tony Matterhorn and his wife at their wedding 2016

“For all you people out there thinking ‘oh him ago diss him wife and whatever cuz fi him mouth light’, yes me mouth light but am also intelligent because you feel like say a pure dunce people in a music business,” Matterhorn continues. “From dunce come out everybody think everybody in a music dunce.”

“It’s not like you going to see Matterhorn disrespect his wife, mi nah go disrespect mi wife,” he added. “At the end of the day you have a lot of women who think Matterhorn suppose to come and diss up the girl. Unnu go deal wid fi unnu business me no deal wid internal.”

Tony Matterhorn also responds to critics who call him a deadbeat dad and reveals that a female gave him a child that was not his. “Memba gal gimmi jacket me take it even though mi know a never my pitney still, but me just love kids,” the disc jockey revealed. “Some a unnu have some deadbeat baby father and unnu waan put that on me. Me a no deadbeat baby father. Everybody who know me know say Matterhorn him will spend him last on him kids them.”

As for Bounty Killer, Tony Matterhorn didn’t mince his words when it comes to his longtime nemesis in dancehall, Bounty Killer. “Don’t worry viewers and subscribers unnu shall get unnu day in court when mi tackle dutty stinking nasty Bounty Killer,” he said while telling his viewers that he will address the Bounty Killer issue in another Live video. It remains unclear what the dancehall legend did to tick off Matterhorn, but sources say that the General might’ve made remarks about the selector fallout with his wife.

“Mi nah go diss me wife, but mi ago diss unnu big pu*** friend weh name Bounty Killer weh a chat off him mouth weh day cuz me and him no friend and him know mi no like him and him no like me, so when me ready fi deal wid him I will let unnu know,” the disc jockey laments.

Matterhorn and Bounty Killer have been beefing for more than a decade despite being friends in the 1990s.

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