13 Best Streaming Shows You Can’t Watch Anywhere Anymore


It isn’t unusual for classic movies to be followed up with a TV show. However “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” — which originally aired on Paramount+ — stands out not only for being a prequel to a classic film but a rare musical TV series with new original songs rather than being a jukebox musical reworking the songs we already know. 

While Paramount+ has hung its hat pretty heavily on being the place to go for all things “Star Trek” — as well as the streaming home for MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon content — “Rise of the Pink Ladies” stood nicely alongside shows like “1883,” “School Spirits,” and “Tulsa King” to demonstrate that the streamer was also committed to unique, high-quality original programming. However, in June 2023 the ladies in pink were not just canceled after only one season, but they were completely removed from Paramount+ without warning, alongside “Star Trek: Prodigy” and a few other shows. 

It seems “Rise of the Pink Ladies” drew the shortest straw, however, as “Star Trek: Prodigy” at least got a physical release for its first season, and its already-in-the-works second season is reportedly being allowed to remain in production, so it seems likely it’ll find another streaming home. It is tough to be as optimistic that there will be any way to watch “Rise of the Pink Ladies” in the future, though, with Paramount+ admitting it was nixed as part of a lucrative tax write-off for them. 

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