Amazon has given Amy King and Deanna Duggar what they consider to be the keys to the castle. The duo said they hope to help as many people as they can with the voice they received, and their words are really hitting home to many people.

Here is what Amy and Deanna had to say and what message they are promoting after the release of Shiny Happy People.

Amy King and Deanna Duggar share their story

Hot on the heels of the release of Shiny Happy People, the Prime Video documentary that cast a dark shadow over the Duggar family and many other TLC shows, Amy King and Deanna Duggar got a huge opportunity on Tuesday. Amy and Deanna got a chance to take over the Prime Video Instagram account on Tuesday, and the women shared some “bloopers” from the experience on Amy’s Instagram account.

Amy King / YouTube

She used hashtags #happyshinypeople and #IBLP and wrote that “It’s been pretty heavy the last few days, so many interviews have been so serious and in no way are we trying to make light of the sensitive topics discussed.” However, with all the Q&A sessions they did, Amy wanted to show it was nice to laugh again with her mom for the first time in a long time. “We just want this documentary to help as many people as possible!”

Fans in the comments were overwhelmingly supportive of the women. One wrote, “I love that you are speaking out” while another fan commented on their disgust in Jim Bob Duggar. “Jill deserves all the good things in her life and I’m so happy she is speaking out for herself and others with you and your mom by her side.”

What Shiny Happy People means for the Duggar family

Shiny Happy People took fans behind the scenes of what happened with Counting On and the Duggar family show. It also looked at how the kids were raised and how the Duggar’s church expected the daughters to be raised. The Duggar family shared their life with fans on 19 Kids and Counting from 2008 through 2015. However, the documentary also looked into Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse claims against his sisters that sent him to prison.Amy King laughing / IG

While not one of Jim Bob Duggar’s daughters, cousin Amy King was there with Jill Duggar to help discuss what happened in the home. The four-part series revealed how the IBLP and Jim Bob Duggar groomed his daughters into what the church wanted them to be. It also focused on how he ostracized Jill when she chose to escape that way of life. The only ones who took part were Jim, Amy, and Amy’s mom, Deanna.

What are your thoughts about the Prime Video documentary Shiny Happy People?  Are you happy to see Amy King and Deanna Duggar getting a chance to make their voices heard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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