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Bringing Up Bates stars Alyssa Webster and Erin Paine have been rumored to be feuding with each other. But now, fans have picked up on a hint that things might be all good between the sisters. What changed? And what do fans know about this possible conflict? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Alyssa Webster & Erin Paine’s Rumored Feud

For months, fans have speculated that sisters Alyssa and Erin are feuding. Fans have picked up on several signs that they aren’t on good terms these days. From not interacting on social media to not visiting each other despite living in the same state, there appears to be some distance.

At this point, any feuds have not been confirmed by the Bates family. And it’s also unclear what might have started any sort of conflict. But fans seem to be pretty certain something is off between Erin and Alyssa.

Bringing Up Bates stars - Alyssa Webster + Erin Paine - YouTube
Bringing Up Bates stars – Alyssa Webster + Erin Paine – YouTube

Bringing Up Bates Fans Think It’s Over

Over the weekend, things seemed to change for Alyssa and Erin. As TV Shows Ace reported, Alyssa welcomed her fifth baby, Rhett Alan, to the world. Surprisingly, Erin made a trip to the hospital to visit the new addition. On Instagram, Kelly Jo Bates shared a post about her newest grandson, and Erin was pictured in the post as well. Then, Erin took to her Instagram Stories and shared a couple of snaps of herself with Rhett.

Bringing Up Bates- Kelly Jo Bates Instagram - Erin Bates Paine Instagram
Bringing Up Bates- Kelly Jo Bates Instagram – Erin Bates Paine Instagram

Naturally, these photos sparked a discussion on Reddit. One Reddit user wrote, “I’d say going to the actual hospital this soon means they’re decently close. At least they’re not feuding.”

Someone else chimed in and shared their optimism that the feud rumors will subside. They said, “Aww sweet picture. Now people can stop saying crap about Erin.”

Of course, others are skeptical and think the sisters might still be feuding. After all, they could have put aside their differences for a few hours so Erin could meet her newest nephew. Fans have speculated in the past that the women remain on speaking terms for the sake of their children. One fan commented, “Erin and Alyssa have long settled into a dynamic that works for them. They are not close but they get along fine. I can’t see them hanging out on their own but they get the cousins together.”

All of the details aren’t public, so it’s unclear what’s going on between Erin and Alyssa. Maybe they will speak out about the situation in the future, or maybe it will stay under wraps.

So, do you agree with the fans who think Erin Paine and Alyssa Webster’s feud is over? Or do you think something else might be going on between the sisters? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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