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Chase Chrisley may have just dropped a huge bombshell on Chrisley Knows Best fans that his reality TV family is gearing up to return to television. Todd Chrisley’s son went live on Instagram very briefly. In a blink and you would have missed it moment, he seemingly teased fans that something huge was on the horizon. Are the Chrisleys returning to television?

Chase Chrisley/YouTube

Chase Chrisley teases his family’s return to television

Hoping on Instagram Live for a hot minute, Chase Chrisley quickly spilled some juicy tea. He teased that the family had big and exciting news to share with everyone. He proceeded to add that for the first time in a while it was a bit of good news. Unfortunately, Chase didn’t give fans any additional information and he jumped off Instagram Live just as fast as he got on. Despite only making a brief appearance, many fans still caught the Live stream and jumped on various social media platforms to talk about it.

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders - YouTube
Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders – YouTube

What could this big and good news be?

Chrisley Knows Best fans firmly believe Chase is teasing a new reality TV show featuring the family coming soon. They believe this because his older sister Lindsie made a super random Instagram post talking about reality TV. She admitted that she had always said she didn’t want to do reality TV ever again. Now, however, she’s done a lot of healing and she is open to giving it another try. Fans thought the timing was kind of weird. But, it lines up perfectly with Chase teasing big news and Savannah admitting that production companies had been hitting her up.

Fans admit there is one other piece of news Chase could be teasing. Emmy Medders could be pregnant with Chase’s baby. Fans, however, aren’t sure Chase’s family would consider a baby before marriage to be good news. So, they are leaning toward this tease definitely being about a return to television.

Chase & Savannah Chrisley/YouTube

Overall, fans assumed it was only a matter of time before Todd and Julie’s children picked up the pieces and landed back on television. After all, it is an easy way for them to keep the residual income flowing.

Do you think Chase Chrisley was teasing a return to television? Would you watch another Chrisley reality TV series? Share your thoughts on their return to television in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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