Christine Brown had a seriously LOUD message for the father of her beautiful children as she symbolically flipped Kody Brown the bird on what should have been a say to celebrate him. What exactly did she post on her profile that fans are considering to be a massive diss toward Kody Brown? Keep reading for the details.

Christine Brown Sends Loud Diss To Kody On Special Day

The Sister Wives star took to Instagram a few hours to tag her future husband David Woolley and wish him a very happy Father’s Day. As fans know, David has many of his own children whom he shares with his late wife. He, however, now has a lot of bonus children as he’s happily taken all of Christine’s children under his wings as well.

Christine’s tribute to David seemed to double as a massive diss at Kody. And, Sister Wives fans ate it up. Here’s what she penned in her post to David:

I’ve watched how loving, compassionate and present you are with your children and I love how you’ve shown that to my children as well. You’re truly showing up, which is what is most important.

The post contained tons of photos of herself with David as well as David fully embracing her children. She added to the end: “Thanks @david__woolley, my love. #fathersday #showingup #thewaytoawomansheart #loveofmylife”

Sister Wives Fans Loved Her Diss

In the comments, it did not escape fans that this ode to David doubled as a diss to Kody. In fact, it was really the only thing fans were interested in talking about.

  • “Dang if that ain’t a big old middle finger to Kody Brown”
  • “For your girls to FINALLY have a strong role model in a man, father, grandfather. A man to show them how they should allow themselves to be lived and treated. It warms my heart!”
  • “Betcha Kody is taking this like a knife to his kidney.”

Christine did get some heat from a few fans who thought the post was wildly disrespectful considering Kody was the reason she had children. And, there was a time in her life when she loved him.

Did it surprise you that Christine Brown took to Instagram today to wish David Woolley a happy Father’s Day? Do you think she intended it to be a diss toward the father of her own children? Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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