Does Lizzie Get Pregnant In The Books?


Speaking with Glamour Magazine in October 2023, executive producer and showrunner for “Virgin River,” Patrick Sean Smith, explained that figuring out who Lizzie is as a character as she enters her late teens and approaches adulthood has helped to shape her actions and storyline in a fresh way. “[O]nce it felt like we had a sense of what her character’s mission was, it was much easier to write for her. She felt a little amorphous, but I think that that suited where she was before when she was young and lost,” Smith explained. He went on to add that Lizzie’s mentorship relationship with Hope will help to broaden Lizzie’s character and mature her.

Whoever Lizzie ends up becoming after she comes through her pregnancy, she might not end up with Denny at all if the show follows the continuity of the book series. In the book world, Lizzie and Ricky grow up and separate. Ricky serves in the Navy but returns wounded to Virgin River — and he and Lizzie get back together as adults, ultimately settling into a happy marriage. No matter who Lizzie ends up with in the end, in both the book and series versions of “Virgin River,” she at least has Hope, Doc, and all of her other friends to stand beside her when times get tough.

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