The idea of Huyang being the official “Star Wars” narrator comes from u/canadianclub on Reddit, posting in the official “Ahsoka” discussion thread, “Has Huyang been our narrator from day one?!” While the line could have just been Dave Filoni and David Tennant having some “Star Wars” fun, some fans think it could be a sign there’s more to Huyang than we initially thought. 

Although they didn’t outright agree, u/Mojo12000 admitted this theory could be on to something, writing, “He’s certainly old enough to be.” Despite making his live-action debut in “Ahsoka,” canonically, Huyang was built around 25,020 BBY, meaning he’s experienced countless events in his lifetime, dating back millennia before “A New Hope.” U/SQRTLURFACE offered a similar explanation, saying that while Tennant could’ve just been having some nerd fun, “it’s actually entirely plausible given his age and role in the universe.” Huyang spent thousands of years working closely with the Jedi, building lightsabers and guiding younglings, including Yoda and Mace Windu. Although he may seem like a typical droid, he’s had a close relationship with the Force-based peacekeepers, likely knowing their entire history. 

U/bhfroh and u/PorgiWanKenobi suggested Huyang’s line could serve as a callback to one of George Lucas’ ideas, with the former saying, “I think it’s a throwback to the original idea that [C-3PO] and [R2-D2] were the original storytellers of the Skywalker Saga.” Or, as u/flintlock writes, it could be setting up the franchise’s end with Huyang sitting near a fire, closing the book on “Star Wars.” That sounds perfect to us.

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