Henry Cavill’s 5 Best Movies & TV Shows Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes


Of all of Henry Cavill’s high-ranking entries, this is the one where he not only has the smallest role but is almost completely unrecognizable in it too. In “Stardust,” a romantic fantasy full of witches, pirates, and swashbuckling that scored 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) endeavors to retrieve a fallen star in an attempt to win the affection of his beloved Victoria (Sienna Miller). But the star turns out to be a woman named Yvaine (Claire Danes), and the two go on the run from evil witches who are trying to take Yvaine’s magic for themselves.

With stars like Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ricky Gervais crammed into this fun little fantasy, Cavill can easily be missed. However, he still gets time to shine as Humphrey, Victoria’s blond, pompous boyfriend, thanks to some comedic beats and a mustache that causes nowhere near as much controversy as the one he grew years later. He even shares some flirtatious screen time with De Niro’s Captain Shakespeare. Forget the Snyderverse. That’s the sequel we really want to see.

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