Hollywood Director Gambled Netflix’s $55 Million TV Series Investment On Crypto


Since Carl Rinsch hasn’t directed any major films or TV shows since 2013, it’s somewhat surprising that he was able to land such a lucrative Netflix deal. According to the New York Times report, Rinsch and his then-wife, Uruguayan model and fashion designer Gabriela Rosés Bentancor, started work on “Conquest,” then known as “White Horse,” with their own money. They later acquired more funding from production company 30West and from Keanu Reeves himself, who had apparently become friends with Rinsch on the set of “47 Ronin.” Still, in order to keep costs low, Rinsch filmed internationally in places where union rules were weaker. This reportedly led to dangerous working conditions, with the Times citing 24-hour filming days and one instance where an actress contracted hypothermia while filming “barelegged in the snow.”

Despite all those red flags (Reeves’ money in particular was necessary to complete production after a series of delays), many streaming platforms bid big on the project after seeing what Rinsch had already filmed. Netflix won out and awarded the director not only cash but a rare level of creative autonomy as well.

Then, things started to get worse. More complaints of unprofessional on-set conduct came out. Production milestones kept getting missed. Rinsch insisted he needed more money from Netflix and received another $11 million. But as revealed in court documents after his wife filed for divorce, he quickly transferred $10.5 million of that into a personal brokerage account, which didn’t exactly go well.

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