Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has stated that he has been bullied and insulted for more than a year by the same set of people mourning the late singer, Mohbad.

The actor explained that the same bully Mohbad faced before his death is what he gets from colleagues and Nigerians over his personal decision to take a second wife.

In a post on his official Instagram page on Sunday, Yul called out his colleagues who were demanding justice for Mohbad, referring to them as “hypocrites and clout chasers.”

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The post partly reads, “All of you posting Justice for Mohbad, including the Nollywood people you are not different from the people that were maltreating Mohbad.

“You are all demons and wicked people, simply chasing clout. You are all the same people who have been insulting me for over one year. Bullying me on social media, trying so hard to kill me for matter wey no concern you. Just because I made a personal decision for my life that is not your business.

“How many of you fought for Mohbad when he was alive? Now that he’s late you are using him to draw traffic to your page. Useless people.

“Just because men don’t talk. None of you know what I’m going through in my home, that inspired my decision. How many Nollywood people come out to say ‘Enough’? You are all waiting for me to die so you can post my picture and write your nonsense.”

See post below:

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