Brandi Carlile, the winner of a Grammy, has been happily married for eight years to her husband. Yet, Brandi Carlile’s admirers are still curious as to her sexual orientation. Brandi, an outspoken advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, was frequently misunderstood and dismissed by others who failed to recognize her true identity.

But her sexuality was called into doubt by fans again and again. Is it true that Brandi Carlile is gay? You won’t believe the response, especially the bit about how she found her current love interest. Please read on for further information.

Who is Brandi Carlile?

American singer-songwriter and record producer Brandi Marie Carlile’s discography features songs in a wide variety of styles, including folk rock, alternative country, Americana, and classic rock.

There are seven studio albums out there by Carlile as of the year 2021. One was for her work on the album The Firewatcher’s Daughter (2015), six were for her work on the album By the Way, I Forgive You (2018), and ten were for her work on the album In These Silent Days (2021).

Brandi Carlile Career

Carlile’s professional career kicked off when she and her twin brothers Phil and Tim Hanseroth played in Seattle music clubs. Columbia Records first signed Carlile in 2004 because of demos she had sent in of songs she had been making in her home studio.

Carlile’s 2005 self-titled album featured both these early recordings and new material. Columbia Records re-recorded “Throw It All Away” and “What Can I Say” for the 2006 re-release.

Is Brandi Carlile Gay?

Moving on, Brandi has always been very outspoken about her sexuality.

She may not have received the support that is needed or that people get nowadays for coming out, but back in the day too, she was very confident about her sexuality and made a public announcement in some of the interviews of 2002, that she is actually homosexual or gay as we may say, and is interested in partners of the same gender.

Is Brandi Carlile Gay

It was difficult for many fans at the time to accept the announcement because of the general lack of openness to the idea, but times have changed.

Also, she has stated that although it was a difficult time, it was not particularly difficult for her because people have already made homosexuality a regular thing and brought people together and in favor of it. She began dating Catherine shepherd in 2009 and informed fans that year that she had finally gotten engaged to Catherine; today, the couple has two daughters, which is a very significant deal.

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Brandi Carlile’s Love Life

Carlile met her future wife at the same time she launched her Fight The Fear campaign project, through which she taught women how to defend themselves in dangerous or violent situations. This is when she met Catherine Shepherd, a British actress.

Shepherd got out to Carlile after learning about her initiative and offered to contribute some of Paul McCartney’s personal items. There was instant attraction, and they began to feel something for one another. Shepherd quickly found out that Brandi Carlile was gay.

Throughout the course of a year of correspondence, sparks between them began to fly. In September of 2012, they broke the law and exchanged vows to begin their new life together.

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Brandi Said It Wasn’t Natural To Marry at That Time

Brandi spoke about their wedding during a banquet for the Human Rights Campaign. She explained that she and Shepherd had multiple weddings since they had a passion for fashion.

Is Brandi Carlile Gay

Yet, because of the Defense of Marriage Act, the government refused to recognize their marriage. To the point where a priest refused to take part in one of her rituals. Brandi was scared that no one would show up, but a friend read the vows and they finally said their I do’s.

Their marriage announcement was therefore not simple. But, through it all, they remained a unit, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that Brandi Carlile was a lesbian.

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Wrapping Up

Bandi Marie Carlile is an American singer-songwriter and record producer who has been happily married for eight years to her husband. Her discography features songs in a variety of styles, including folk rock, alternative country, Americana, and classic rock.

She was signed by Columbia Records in 2004 and released her 2005 self-titled album. Brandi Carlile’s love life began in 2009 when she met Catherine Shepherd, a British actress.

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