Is Madame Web A Hero Or A Villain?


Born blind with a neurological condition in the comics, Cassandra Webb is blessed with clairvoyant abilities. While confined to a chair due to paralysis, she takes on the moniker of Madame Web and becomes known as a medium. The mutant’s reputation for being morally grey most likely stems from Peter’s perception of her. Spider-Man is famous for being arguably the best superhero. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. Madame Web selling her abilities isn’t likely to win any points with him. But after she helps Peter locate the perpetrators of a Daily Globe scam, he understands her better. Through her powers, she learns his real identity and keeps it a secret. After the incident, she becomes a welcome ally in the Spider-Verse.

The “Madame Web” trailer indicates this is the version of Cassandra the film is portraying. Though Dakota Johnson’s iteration isn’t elderly or has a life support system like her comic counterpart, the character’s heart is still there. Cassandra uses her psychic abilities to help the Spider-Women become who they are meant to be. And this could only be the beginning of Madame Web’s story. There is always time for Johnson’s character to reach her comic destiny. The film could be an origin story for Cassandra, whose role is to pass the torch to the future Spider-Women.

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