Loki’s Ke Huy Quan Agrees With The Theory That OB Is Actually Data From Goonies


For fans looking to strengthen that connection between O.B. and Data, Quan left behind a little Easter egg for “Loki” viewers to spot — with the help of the costume department. Keep your eyes peeled for a utility belt O.B. sports briefly for a single scene. Quan posted a picture of himself on the set and in costume as O.B. wearing the accessory to his Instagram. He admitted it was crafted to resemble Data’s belt as an in-joke and asked fans to try and spy it during “Loki.” 

Aside from these nods, other hints link Data to O.B. — their mutual love of tinkering with electronics and other scientific matters. The series eventually reveals that O.B. is a temporal variant of Dr. A.D. Doug, a physics professor publishing under a pen name who yearns to spend all his time writing science fiction novels. Doesn’t “A.D. Doug” sound like the kind of moniker that Richard Wang — who is a native of Astoria in “The Goonies” — might take up? 

Yet, as likely as it all sounds, one never knows in the wild, time-bending world of “Loki” what is real and what’s an illusion.

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