Loki’s Saddest Season 2 Finale Quote Is A Heartbreaking MCU Reference


After finally getting a throne to call his own, Loki is at the center of all time, keeping reality and everything bound to it in check. It’s the kind of victory not even Thor can claim, but what may be even more upsetting is how only a handful of people know about it. Loki will be forever bound to the job he’s taken on, keeping everything going but with no one to share the load. While there’s always a chance “Loki” Season 3 could happen, this could be the last time we see Loki on screen. Although that’s the perk of having a hand on time itself, you can drop in just about anywhere.

Hiddleston stated on “The Tonight Show” that the “Loki” Season 2 finale is the “conclusion to six films, 12 episodes, and 14 years of my life,” cementing that might really be the character’s swan song. With that said, keeping such a close eye on timelines of the past and present, there’s a chance he has a better eye on what’s coming than anyone and could play a prominent part in future MCU installments. Could Loki be what sends reluctant soldiers into “Avengers: Secret Wars”? Who can say, but there’s plenty of time to find out.

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