Perez Medcare Hospital, the medical facility where the late singer, Mohbad was allegedly rushed to on Tuesday, September 12, has stated that he was brought in dead.

The hospital in a statement released on its official Instagram page on Monday evening, explained that Mohbad was brought in around 4:30 pm on the said day with no sign of life in him.

As against rumours being peddled around, Perez Medcare debunked the claims that the singer was admitted into the hospital.

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“Attention of the Perez Medcare Hospital has been drawn to the misleading information being circulated in some social media platforms that Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (AKA Mohbad) died in our medical facility.

“We consider it pertinent to put on record that his lifeless body was brought to our medical facility around 04:30 pm on the 12th of September 2023, and after assessment by our medical team, it was discovered that there was no sign of life in him, no central or peripheral pulse, no heartbeat, no recordable vital signs and his pupils were fixed and dilated.

“On attempting Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR, rigor mortis (stiffening of some parts of the body in relation to death) was observed and we informed the persons who brought him that it was a case of BID (Brought in Dead).

“Upon inquiry about the circumstances leading to the emergency, we were informed that Mohbad was being treated at home by a nurse that administered injections on him.

“Let it be known that Mohbad was never admitted at our hospital and was not a patient of Perez Medcare Hospital.

“Also, the nurse who was said to be administering treatment on him at home is not our staff and the video of the medical facility circulating on the internet in which the late singer is seen alive and receiving treatment is not our Hospital.”

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