Tragic breaking news as MTV’s former Wild ‘N Out star Ms Jacky Oh! has been confirmed dead at the age of 32. What happened to the rapper and longtime partner of DC Young Fly? Keep reading for what details have been made public regarding this tragic breaking news.

Breaking News: MTV’s Ms Jacky Oh! Dead At 32

According to TMZ, Ms Jacky Oh! was in Miami undergoing a “mommy makeover” when she passed away. A post on Instagram claims the former MTV personality was undergoing plastic surgery with Dr. Zach when she passed away. Multiple outlets are reporting the young mother-of-three posted the mommy makeover on her Instagram profile. The post, however, has since been deleted.

Jacky Oh! - YouTube/Instagram
Jacky Oh! – YouTube/Instagram

In a panic, Jacky Oh’s 936K Instagram followers have flooded the last update on her profile (from May 19th) hoping that the news isn’t true and that she is still alive. Here’s what some of her panicked followers have penned on her profile:

  • “Why are they saying RIP”
  • “where the death rumors even come from, please get off this woman page until y’all know for sure. Give some decorum and respect.”
  • “Somebody please tell me it’s not true.”
  • “I pray for these beautiful babies that the reports are false. Swift recovery and healing.”
Jacky Oh! - YouTube/Instagram
Jacky Oh! – YouTube/Instagram

Born as Jacklyn Smith, the late MTV personality met DC Young Fly back in 2015 when he made his premiere on Wild ‘N Out. As MTV fans know, Jacky Oh! is no longer a member of the cast. After parting ways, she launched her own lip glass product line called J Nova Collection. DC Young Fly, however, was still with the show. Sadly, TMZ has been told he was in Atlanta shooting new episodes of Wild ‘N Out when he was informed of Jacky’s passing.

Rest in peace, Ms Jacky Oh! Fans’ thoughts and prayers are with DC Young Fly and their beautiful babies during this difficult time.

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