Yeni Kuti, the daughter of famous Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has disclosed that the late singer was not a good father.

In a recent chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Yeni opened up on being raised by Fela alongside some of her siblings.

According to her, Fela was verbally abusive towards some of his kids.

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Yeni noted in the interview that she never mustered enough courage to confront her dad on how he treated her, but his first son, Femi, did.

She revealed that as such, the duo were always at loggerheads.

She said, “He (Fela) was not quite a good father. No, I never told him that he isn’t a good father. Maybe Femi, not me. Femi and Fela used to have battles, and Femi will give it to him straight.

“Shola and I, we were like timid. You know, they say, ‘When two elephants are fighting, the grass will keep quiet’.

“I can remember one day, Fela just came and said, ‘Three of you are useless children’. Femi just said, ‘For what?’ Femi just started facing him and then they started facing each other. Shola and I will say, ‘it’s okay’.

Fela will say, ‘No’. And Femi just said, ‘Let him go’.

“I don’t think I have ever had that kind of confrontation with my father. Maybe because I am a woman,” she remarked.

Yeni also narrated the events of her father’s last days, stating how much power he wielded even in sickness. She said, Fela was only taken to the hospital after he gave his consent.

On if her father, Fela, died happy, Yeni responded by saying she doesn’t think he did as he was very ill during his last days and the situation of the country at the time, also made him unhappy.

Watch video below:

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