Fans are largely in agreement that introducing so many new voices is a risky creative choice, and they want to see Otis, Eric, and Maeve’s storylines end in a meaningful way — not as an afterthought. “Yeah my excitement has left,” wrote u/unikmari. “To see that in the final season they’ve made the main characters take a step back even further makes zero sense.”

For u/campb159, the sudden focus on trans characters feels like too little too late. “I understand the importance of representation on TV and I 100% think these kind of characters should be integrated into mainstream shows and not just siloed into LGBTQ+ centered shows,” they wrote. “But if Laurie really wanted people to embrace these characters, why wait until now to add them? Now, when the audience is already emotionally invested in the core characters and the story revolving around those characters?”

The number of characters in Season 4 shouldn’t be too overwhelming, since some of the show’s cast members aren’t returning. Tanya Reynolds, who played the eccentric Lily, isn’t coming back, nor is Patricia Allison, who played her love interest, Ola. Simone Ashley’s Olivia left “Sex Education” for greener pastures, otherwise known as “Bridgerton.”

Nunn still hopes that fans appreciate her vision, even if it looks a little different. “I’m hopeful that there’s a bittersweetness to [the ending], and that there’s everything people want in there, even though it might not be wrapped up completely perfectly.”

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