Peter Fornetti’s The Curse Of Oak Island Role Explained


For a few years before his debut on “The Curse of Oak Island” in 2014, Peter Fornetti worked as a hygiene assistant at the John Fornetti Dental Center, his father’s dental practice. John Fornetti is married to Marty and Rick Lagina’s sister Terese Fornetti, and together they have four children, one of whom is Dan Fornetti, DDS, who works there as well.

While details on the fourth sibling, Julia Fornetti, don’t seem to be public knowledge, David Fornetti is likewise an associate producer on “The Curse of Oak Island.” His contributions, however, are limited to Seasons 8 and 9, whereas Peter has produced episodes in Seasons 3, 4, and 8–11.

Terese, meanwhile, has also been involved with “The Curse of Oak Island,” receiving credits for images and footage she contributed throughout its lengthy run. While this credit is most likely not enough to earn her a share of Oak Island’s hypothetical treasure, it is plenty apparent that the Lagina brothers are close with their sister, hence employing Peter for a considerable length of time.

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