“Poor Kids Dey Correct Rich Man Pikin“


Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire, has become the subject of harsh ridicule after misspelling the word “assorted” as “assaulted.”

Recently on her 31st birthday, Femi Otedola’s daughter made headlines and got people talking while daydreaming about a luxurious vacation.

The DJ had taken to the microblogging platform, X, to state how awesome of an experience it was to have a delicacy of Jollof rice with assorted meat on a private jet.

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Unfortunately, DJ Cuppy misspelt assorted for ‘assaulted’, stirring mixed reactions on the platform.

“Jollof on the Jet with Assaulted Meat ?,” she wrote on her page.

DJ Cuppy in the mud over 'assaulted' meat spelling

Reactions Below…

Ugochukwu_96 said: “Poor kids dey correct rich man pikin. How much your English don give you? ??.”

Cheyih_Viktah added: “Florence, do another masters but this time in English. ?”

DripxHalcy penned: “See person wey go Oxford.”

TheTifeFab_ said: “Small English wey we dey manage, you begin assault am.”

iKaptainKush opined: “Assaulted meat? Anyways, you get money so make I shut up. All the English I know, where he carry me reach.”

HalalAbdul_ noted: “If rich man pikin talk say nah assaulted meat nah assaulted meat. Poor man pikin no suppose Dey talk ?.”

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