Superman’s New Villain Is… Batman’s [SPOILER]


In “Action Comics” #1059, Superman debuts his new armor as he fights the Blue Earth Movement in the streets of Metropolis. He takes some of its soldiers out, but Norah Stone manages to get what she is looking for, trapping his adopted son from Warworld, Osul-Ra, in a psychic hold and telling him they have much to discuss before freeing him. After the fight, Superman learns Stone doctored public videos of the battle to make it look like Blue Earth was protecting his home city against the Super-Family’s attacks when, in reality, the opposite was happening.

Superman remains highly concerned with how the people of Blue Earth stole his powers, and he can’t help but shake the feeling that Stone looks familiar to him. When Lois Lane comments she “kinda looks like Bruce [Wayne],” he figures out where he knows her from. Superman reveals to the Super-Family that Stone is actually the daughter of Bruce and Talia al Ghul from another universe, Janan. 

He claims her arrival is both his and Batman’s fault and that the alien invasion Stone keeps talking about is very real. He refers to the group as “The Empire of Shadows” before Superman’s adopted daughter, Otho-Ra, is taken by Stone from the Super-Family in a portal and arrives on Earth al Ghul. There, Stone reveals huge things are about to happen, and much of what’s coming relies on the youngster.

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