Ted Lasso Cast Member Teases Season 4 On Twitter


Unsurprisingly, fans immediately became obsessed with Nick Mohammed’s playful tweet. “Season 4?! Don’t do this to me, don’t give me hope,” shared X user @ChelseaHQ_. A similar sentiment was echoed by @C_SpanishOncer, who wrote, “are u just playing or not pls nick my heart is a bit fragile rn.” Clearly, a decent amount of viewers want to see the continued exploits of AFC Richmond, who were last seen coming in second place in the league. However, some fans think Mohammed’s post should be taken in jest. “I didn’t see this as a season 4 tease, just as a cheeky joke,” wrote Reddit user u/haloryder.

Following the Season 3 finale, fans became divided on the prospect of a Season 4. While the show carefully wrapped up several arcs, others were left open, leaving possibilities for future seasons or spin-offs. But many might not be interested in what’s next, partially thanks to Season 3’s creative decisions. “Ted Lasso” Season 3 was the show’s most polarizing; on Rotten Tomatoes, it boasts an audience score of 77% — a staggering drop from the 95% rating accrued by the maiden season. 

While some are excited by Mohammed’s post, it’s more than likely a joke. Then again, it’s entirely plausible that “Ted Lasso” could continue in some shape or form.

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