Juno Temple added that her choices for Keeley are not an island unto themselves; she leans on the show’s wardrobe, makeup, and hair people to help her hammer out decisions and bring her character’s looks to life. “I have such fun collaborating with Jacky Levy, our costume designer, and Nicky Austin, our hair and makeup designer,” she explained to Cosmopolitan. 

Their combined effort will bring “Ted Lasso” the same Keeley, but with a slightly more mature look — just like Elle Woods, who manages to look classy and lively throughout both of her movies, still the same marabou-wearing sorority girl at heart. She just manages a much more polished façade by the time she argues her first case in front of a jury. Keeley seems to be going in the same direction; just dig that bouclé sweater above. 

However, don’t expect Keeley to pull a full-on Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) and shed the style and sparkle which make her such a distinct character. Temple’s planning on making sure her character remains consistent throughout her existence, and that might mean not knowing quite how to dress properly for fancy occasions. “She is who she is. A huge part of that is staying true to her gorgeous, mad look that she has going on. I kind of love the idea that she’s always overdressed for things where you should be more underdressed and then vice versa,” the actress said. Elle Woods would definitely approve of moxie like that.

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