The Inheritors are a clandestine group from Earth-001 that consist of totemic hunters. This means they feed on the life force of Totems, or entities that connect the human and animal kingdoms. This naturally makes anyone related to the Spider-Verse a prime target for them, and in Marvel Comics, they’ve even targeted the spider deity, Master Weaver. They were successful in that endeavor and used Master Weaver’s powers to travel throughout the multiverse to target all of the Spider-Totems.

Various versions of Spider-Man managed to lock the Inheritors away in a separate dimension, but they escaped in the 2018 crossover event, “Spider-Geddon.” This sees the Inheritors once again pursue the Spider-Army, and interestingly enough, it features Miles Morales as the lead character. However, it’s an epic crossover series that includes plenty of other Spider-People, including Spider-Gwen and Ben Reilly.

The Inheritors aren’t exactly the most well-known Spider-Man villains. Certain members have appeared in the “Spider-Man Unlimited” and “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” video games. But The Spot was also a C-list villain before getting a chance to shine in “Across the Spider-Verse.” With Miles and the Spider-Verse having a comic book history with the Inheritors already, it’s possible they could factor into a future storyline. 

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