The Boys Season 4 Trailer Teases The Roles Of Two Dangerous New Supes


Concrete character details on both Sister Sage and Firecracker are slim. Per the trailer, we can gauge that their allegiance lies directly with Homelander (Starr) and his ardent, extremely vocal followers. With them joining the superhero on stage at an event, it’s fair to consider these two heroes as Homelander supporters — which means they’re probably going to be extremely evil, just like their leader. Yikes. 

Sister Sage, in particular, looks like someone who is helping Homelander scheme. Seeing as Homelander is brash and lacks patience, it makes sense for him to have an advisor of sorts who helps him make strategic plays, especially now that Vought doesn’t really matter to him. In most cases, we could look towards “The Boys” graphic novels to understand who these two superheroes are… but they’ve been created specifically for the series. Fans are specifically excited to see Sister Sage, especially after her monologue was center stage in the trailer. “So this Sister Sage will be Lady [Macbeth[ to Homelander,” suggested Reddit user u/Are_We_Coolio. 

Back in 2022, series showrunner Eric Kripke teased both Firecracker and Sister Sage on X, formerly known as Twitter. “These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for #TheBoys,” the creative shared. “You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous.” 

Sister Sage and Firecracker will make their debut in “The Boys” Season 4, which debuts in 2024. 

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