The Challenge Confirms What We Suspected About The Piggy Bank Money


As soon as Netflix announced “Squid Game: The Challenge,” critics began pointing out the fact that the competition in the original “Squid Game” is painted in a decidedly negative light. In an interview with some of the show’s producers, The Hollywood Reporter asked Tim Harcourt outright about the fact the show recreates this competition for entertainment purposes. In response, he highlighted another key difference regarding how the reality TV series approaches the prize at the end of the competition compared to how it was done in the original.

“The drama was about people fending off their desperate circumstances to win a huge prize,” he said. “Our show isn’t about people in need. It’s about people being presented with an opportunity. So we flip that on its head.”

Between its large piggy bank not actually holding the cash prize awarded to its winner, and this purposeful lack of emphasis on its competitors’ need for that money, the manner in which the prize money is awarded may be the single biggest difference between “The Challenge” and the original “Squid Game.”

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